I am reading Beloved Son: A Story of the Jesus Cults by Steve Allen. So far the book (up to page 63) is mostly the musings on the life of Steve Allen—married at 21, three kids, late night radio show in Hollywood, adultery, moved to NYC, television show, divorced 1st wife, married Jayne Meadows—with little mention of Jesus cults. Since I barely have heard of this mid century celebrity I decided view some vintage Steve Allen. I stumbled onto some good stuff—Jack Kerouac, Bob Dylan and this incredibly young Frank Zappa clip. Actually, Steve Allen seems like a nice guy. A square who respects weirdos. So nice, I have gotten distracted by the whole reason I am reading the book—Jesus cults!!

Steve Allen Show with Frank Zappa age 22, 1962.

And to round this back to cults—Frank Zappa mentions the movie he just composed the soundtrack for The World’s Greatest Sinner.
The plot concerns a man (played by Carey) who quits his day job and starts preaching radical ideas to an ever growing crowd. Eventually, he gains a large group of followers who call him God and listen to his teachings about eternal life.

Score! PS: Thanks to Brock for taking this book out of the NY Public Library. And extending his interests in cults to me.


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