I got the apartment! Finally the landlord answered my calls for a new home. Move in day is March 1. Mr.S and I will be housing ourselves in a high ceilinged, large feeling, railroad apartment complete with non working fireplace. It’s on a quiet Williamsburg street. Exciting and New! Here are some finds that I hope to influence the decor of our new headquarters. Thinking light, old, wooden, free-form, mod, down trodden with Heart and messy hair.

Interior of a Havana, Cuba home. found via Day at a Glance

Ernst Hemingway’s bathroom in Key West, FL. found via DoorSixteen

Expand your mind to knotty pine! Now this is a real homey sixties cabin on the farm kinda vibe. I like! found via flickr

More old timey apartment inspiration posts to come. This is just the beginning…


2 Responses to “APARTMENT IS NEW!”

  1. ali Says:

    I’ve gotta get myself down to Cuba. I love your decor inspiration—not at all typical and full of personality(ies).

  2. kellyr Says:

    Thanks for the visit Ali! Keep reading and stay warm (in Utah, if that’s possible.) More Apartment dreaming research to come—kr

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