Photographs of the The Rakowski’s are not usually found on the internet, mostly in heaps around Grammie’s bedroom. She likes to wake up in the middle of the night and sort through them. Grammie is an avid photographer. Unfortunately, she now owns a digital camera and unable decode its advanced technology. She needs to get her old school point and shoot back on the scene!

These sweet images were found in my Grampie’s old wallet. Left to right: John & Mary at a park on a date, John & Mary dating, portrait of Mary (during courtship), John in 1929 wearing a suit made by the hands of his mother. John is one of six children.




3 Responses to “BABCIA and DZIADZIA.”

  1. BS Says:

    I got a
    short tie!
    short tie!

  2. kellyr Says:

    Cute tie Cute TIE!

  3. DOILIES & ANTIMACASSARS. « Nothing is New Says:

    […] & ANTIMACASSARS. What a sweet treat Doilies are! My Gramie donated doilies a plenty to my new home. She and her girlfriends used to make them to give as gifts […]

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