Oh, the ever delightful and wooden, Russian home. Found on some weird LOC site extension. I am in love with the intricate wooden frames around the windows, a little Hansel and Gretel type of look. (the first house is my dream home—see those beautiful, mismanaged plants outside the windows!? Love!!)

Interiors of these Russia log homes are surrounded by rich reds, blues, plaids, wools on the floor, bed and walls. The last image, a wild beam-balance shelf, very Shaker like interior. Very natural nature. Warm and wooden.


3 Responses to “RUSSIAN WOOD.”

  1. BS Says:

    Newburgh house is only a little bit fancy.

  2. kellyr Says:

    Ohhhhh I love it! I need one of those, ASAP or in 3-5 years.

  3. Nastia Says:

    I love!

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