Paul Bransom plein air painting at Grand Teton, Wyoming, 1947.

W. Langdon Kihn, ca. 1930
via Smithsonian Archives of America


5 Responses to “PAINTERS PAINTING.”

  1. Liza Jane Says:

    Good gravy I love your blog.

  2. kellyr Says:

    LJ: Good Gravy, Love You!

  3. eaglevisionproductions Says:

    Same Here! 😀

  4. Toby Reiter Says:

    I’m the webmaster from the Archives of American website where these images are from. It would be great (but not all required) that you post a link back to where these images can be found on the AAA site (along with many other photographs of artists at work). However, I did want to point out that the bottom image is broken — you should consider fixing the reference to the new image URL, which can be found here:

    Toby Reiter

  5. kellyr Says:

    Thanks Toby, I updated the images and links. Smithsonian archive is an amazing source of information, I appreciate you help. Best, Kelly

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