A new blog is welcomed into a new neighborhood—HQ BK:The HeadQuarters of Brock & Kelly. Brock and I moved to the much loved, often hated, Williamsburg. Dollar Stores and bakeries abound! We are happy on our quiet third floor railroad. Let’s see what we make of it and make in it! Thanks to Molly, David, Miranda, Kyle, Emily, Laura, Bill, Liana, Jessica and Jeff for helping upload our boxes. xoxo!


3 Responses to “NEW BLOG.”

  1. Mira Says:

    I carried one box, and it wasn’t even one of yours! But thanks, looking forward to HQ updates.

  2. kellyr Says:

    Mira: Your spirit was working the room! xo!

  3. Liza Jane Says:

    Congrats on the move!!!

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