B alerted me to the most incredible blessing to enter our lives since moving to HQBK—our most favorite love commune cult THE SOURCE is coming to town!!

April 8 YA HO WA 13 at the Knitting Factory. $15
April 9 The Untold Story of Father Yod, YA HO WA 13 and the Source Family with Isis Aquarian and Electricity Aquarian 7:15 pm $15
soul jerky welcome authors isis aquarian and electricity aquarian,
editor jodi wille, and ex-members of that family in the flesh! the
group grounds a 2-hour audio-visual survey of the life and times of
this seminal ’70s countercultural force in los angeles spirituality,
music and lifestyle (their famous restaurant the source). a slideshow
and rare peek at family home movies and ’70s cable access video clips,
and numerous ya ho wa 13 musical selections serve as springboards for
anecdotes and discussion.

More info on The Source NYC events here, more info on YA HO WA 13 here


PS: Obviously, we’ll be attending all 3 events (including book signing). Cannot wait!


2 Responses to “YA HO WA 13 IN NYC!”

  1. David Michael Says:

    Oh man that is an amazing post, I definitely want to come to at least one of the events!

    It may interest both you and B to know that the blog FM Shades is currently offering the entire Ya Ho Wa catalogue (13 albums)-

  2. kellyr Says:

    Thank you DMP! I am downloading now—

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