We all know Hans Christian Anderson’s pleasantly haunting fairy tales. But who knew he collected hundreds of images, collaging them into spectacularly psychedelic books!? Thankfully Troels Andersen, director of the Silkeborg Kunstmuseum, lent the original compilation to the Royal Library so that it could be scanned, and also gave permission for it to be published on the internet. Thank you Troels! The Royal Library in Denmark has an online archive of another HC Anderson picture book here.

Hans Christian Andersen: Christine’s Picture Book. View all 114 pages here.



  1. David Michael Says:

    This is absolutely GLORIOUS!!!

    Reading a book in our backyard this morning, I came across this quote regarding poetry “the old that was once new is as new as the newest of the new.”

    I thought of you&NisN and smiled.

  2. kellyr Says:

    What a beautiful day you are having. Thanks for the poetry!

  3. dmf32835 Says:

    It seems like he was quite the animal lover.

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