I’ve made a couple of posts sharing the magical photos found on the Library of Congress’s Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii Collection. This Sunday I spent a good portion of the evening devouring these incredible images. I have viewed every image up to page 100 and need to take a breath and share with you my findings thus far. It’s amazing how vague the descriptions are for such curious displays of Russian culture circa 1908-1915. Russian Displays: Think Tripped Out-Still Life Painting class in art school.

In the Borodino Museum. Borodino

Flowers in vase

Samples of models

Group of laborers standing, posed, in front o a chain-link fence,
with sacks piled behind fence

Display of archeological objects, jewelry, an arrowheads

Model of the boat on which Peter the Great vi ted Solovetskii Monastery
in 1694. [Solovetski Islands]

Lynx. From the collection of N.P. Alin in Che yn

Triglolastochka, or sea rooster. Batum

Successive stages of grinding a stone egg.
[I erial Lapidary Works, Ekaterinburg]

Shackles with which Mikhail Nikitich Romanovs bound.
The village of Nyrob. Ural



  1. Mira Says:

    These are so weird and wonderful! Love them.

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