Mind officially blown care of A.H. findings. Kaliflower magazine was created by the Kaliflower commune of SF in the late 60’s. Kaliflower, inspired by the Diggers of England believed in shared property, labor and the liberation of culture from commercialism.

Sampling of article titles from the first issue, April 24, 1969 : People Get Ready for the Inter-Communal Picnic • Come chant the Maha Mantra • Notice to the 144,000 from the Messiah’s World Commune • SF Mime Troupe Puppet Show • Flaming Arab Sex Sought • Illus. Drawing of several naked bodies with one showing erection.


3 Responses to “KALIFLOWER POWERS.”

  1. lizz Says:

    this is awesome: i love the stuff you find!

  2. cindy d Says:

    wow. this makes me want to get my sharpie out and start doodling again.. so cooool!

  3. Bree Says:

    These are so so great! I love that wiggly writing all over the place…and the funny composition of stuff…

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