Montréal! BS and I are visiting this historic city next week. Excitedly, I will point all posts towards Montréal!

Found via Bibliothéque et Archives nationales Québec
via this beautiful post Following my Father


8 Responses to “MONTRÉAL DIRECTORY, 1850s.”

  1. Liz Says:

    lovely type indeed! Bon Voyage!!

  2. bs Says:

    “Diving Apparatus Made To Order”

    Let’s Go!

  3. kellyr Says:

    Oui Oui! Merci Merci!

  4. bree Says:

    Montreal is awesome! You will have a blast! Make sure you visit the Mile End. That is where I used to live and it is T-rrific….so many great cafes, music venues and bagels….sigh…I miss it there…

  5. kellyr Says:

    Bree, I am excited! We are actually staying in the Mile End hood! Looking forward to bagels and bike rides and beers. Yippee!

  6. Bree Says:

    Hi – Okay you are probably there right now – but just for a heads up – I think the Fairmount bagels are maybe better than the St. Viateur ones (a little sweeter) – and they are for sure the best around two or three in the morning when you are walking home from the bar – and there is an awesome crazy art-deco cafe/restaurant called “La Figaro Croissantiere” on the corner of Hutchison and Fairmount which is so so great and has an amazing patio – especially at nightime…

    Have fun!


  7. kellyr Says:

    Bree, Just got home from your fair city. LOVED IT! More bikes and more paths that I could ever believe! Ate Fairmount bagels and brunched at ‘La Figaro Croissantiere’. Did it all, wished I could stay longer. Thanks for the tips!

  8. Bree Says:

    Wow! Awesome! I am so glad I commented back before you left for home!


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