My two favorite punk bands from the 80s. Totally Rad! Listen to the beats then shave yr head!


5 Responses to “SLITS & MARINES.”

  1. mattcassity Says:

    Never heard of them.

  2. dmp Says:

    My relationship with punk has been a fleeting and tepid flirtation through out my life, but in high school without knowing much about them, I bought a Slits record and after a couple listens I was hooked.

    didn’t shave my head though.

  3. kellyr Says:

    Matt, Know and Love them both. Marine Girls are more obscure. I think you’d like. David, Shave your head already for Queens sake!

  4. Dan F Says:

    Good stuff for the kids !

  5. drumcondraderek Says:

    The Slits were cricified in the “News of the World” among other English newspapers because of their name. They were an almost good punk band and typical of their time.

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