Diana Heiskell, ca. 1958.

Dorothy Dehner, 1964.

Dorothy Liebes with calla lilies, ca. 1940.

Dorothy Liebes, ca. 1943.

Edith Heath, ca. 1930.

Paula Cooper.

Alice Selinkoff, 1939

Women artists at work, intense and determined. Beautiful images.
via my muse Smithsonian Archives of Art


3 Responses to “LOOKING DOWN.”

  1. mattcassity Says:

    This blog needs to LOOK UP with some MEN posts PLS

  2. Miranda Says:

    I LOVE these! And I like how “looking down” reminds me of the euphemism “down there,” another ladylike thing. And conversely, looking UP corresponds to maleness in some way as well, I suppose. Good images, good connections!

  3. todayimadethisblog Says:

    This is your finest post yet.
    Women artists have such sore necks!

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