Steve Jobs described the Whole Earth Catalog as the precursor to the internet. WOW. It’s a total overflow of info, in the best way. Totally counter culture late 60s style design, ideas and communications. Everything you need to know to start your very own commune and much more! I am most thankful to Jen Sharpe who inspired this post, I discovered the archive link through her new rad blog!

via Whole Earth Catalog the complete archive of Whole Earth Catalogs.


5 Responses to “WHOLE EARTH CATALOG.”

  1. smartpeopleiknow Says:

    This is a great blog! I really enjoyed seeing so many great photos and I enjoyed your comments very much too! Excellent!

  2. jennifer sharpe Says:

    wow, i posted the same thing yesterday on my brand spanking new website:

    and linked to your site as one of only three i like on the web right now.

    coincidence? zeitgeist?

  3. kellyr Says:

    Jen, it is the zeitgeist! Unfortunately, I didn’t credit your finds which inspired me.
    I edited my blog. All is kosher now. Sorry!!!

    Thanks for the comment smartpeopleiknow. Feel the love.

  4. David Michael Says:

    the HOLY GRAIL!!!!

    My former d-bag employer (who will remain unnamed) had all the Whole Earth Catalogs. If only I had swiped them (but I’m far too moral for such things of course)

  5. Fobis Says:

    I owned one of these back in the day. Too bad I’m not a saver…

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