I am totally smitten with this wonderful work of design!! GA-GA.
Thank you Black Lodge Soul Promotions

from BLSP: Actual tweed form the material of the letters of this advertising display. The colours used for the word ”FASHION” are blue and yellow. The word ”SOCIETY” is made from matchsticks, while the figures are made from red, yellow and brown cloth. This example comes from Australia.


3 Responses to “FASHION&SOCIETY.”

  1. dan lodge Says:

    Actually looks better on your site…I think the white brings the tones out really well

  2. retroho Says:

    Oh i love your blog!

    I run a retro blog you may like , tell me what you think:


  3. RAND & GRUYTER & THYS. « Nothing is New Says:

    […] Old & New. Paul Rand, graphic designer.  Jos De Gruyter & Harald Thys, artists. My current muses are Gruyter & Thys. I am also taken with Rands three dimensional collages. The collages remind me of this wonder. […]

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