via Koko: The Talking Gorilla and The Gorilla Foundation


4 Responses to “KOKO.”

  1. David Michael Says:

    Even thinking about Koko (and her kitten Ball) makes me tear up.

    I cried a great deal over that book as a child and I’m not afraid to say it!

  2. kellyr Says:

    I don’t remember too much about Koko in my youth. Matt Cassity told me a story that inspired this post—- Koko watched Mr. Rogers on tv everyday and his routine of sweater and shoe switching. When Mr. Rogers came to meet Koko she immediately recognized him and took off his shoes. How Sweet!!

  3. willz Says:

    I adore Koko. I get her monthly emails. Have you seen the french doc Koko: A Talking Gorilla?

  4. kellyr Says:

    I am queuing it up on Netflix. I have not seen it, looks amazing. I can’t believe Koko emails you! So sweet.

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