Jessica Pigza, a librarian at NYPL, is offering a free class Friday Feb 6 at 3:15 to all those interested in DIY & Crafts. The class is “a free one-hour introduction to the Library’s resources–both vintage publications and online sources–that I hope will inform and inspire you in your own DIY endeavors.” more info here

Book Dept.’s next project is a kid’s craft book inspired by Mid Century Modern designers. This will be a perfect opportunity to research and learn more about craft and the beloved library. Yay!


4 Responses to “NYPL CRAFTS.”

  1. Ashley Anna Brown Says:

    Kelly! You should come visit Western Mass before all the snow disappears!
    I’m coming to NY on the 12th to see Handmade Nation at MAD (http://indiecraftdocumentary.blogspot.com/). You should come if you can – I think it will be really good and inspiring. I want to try to go to NY more and get motivated and make more art. Yes.

  2. kellyr Says:

    Excellent. Sounds like a great movie time! Though I do prefer my western Mass snow-less. I like it rolling green so I can drive fast listening to Led Zepplein.

  3. August Says:

    Kelly, perhaps you will be interested in Brother’s cat toys! http://flickr.com/photos/augustheffner/3245562031/ Willow and I created them inspired by Alvin Lustig (Mid-Century Modern designer) http://alvinlustig.com/bp_nc/bp_nc.asp Let us know when you do an Animal Craft book!!

  4. kellyr Says:

    I am interested in your cat toy! Jen printed it for our meeting this week. It’s brilliant!!!!

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