I am practicing yoga for 31 days of March. Today is Day 11. Yoga via Life


5 Responses to “YOGA LIFE.”

  1. BS Says:

    park scene=birthday
    bottom pic=lion’s breath madness

  2. todayimadethisblog Says:

    Big hair and yoga?
    Now THAT’S for me!

  3. kellyr Says:

    BS – Yes!!
    Today – It is for you. Complete with leotard.

  4. cindy Says:

    that’s one yoga pose i can do well. the headstand one. Everytime I go to LA my best friend makes me do yoga with her. They are a big yoga family and own a studio in Santa Monica. Man it’s HARD!!!

  5. kellyr Says:

    Wow. I cannot do headstand, at all! Good job. I will keep on practicing….

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