FEAST : Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics

FEAST is happening again! This Saturday April 4 6–8PM in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. My dear friends gathered their minds together and developed a totally successful and fun way to fund artists in our neighborhood. I went to the last FEAST and it was incredible. They raised $756 cash for the winning proposal by artist Dan Funderburgh who plans to create a neighborhood wide wallpaper beautification project. FEAST concept is: you donate what you can at the door for your meal (a delicious vegetarian dish by One&Supp), read artists proposals, VOTE for the one you like best, eat and be merry. At the end of the dinner after the votes have been tallied MC Jeff Hnilicka announces the winner. The bag of cash is delivered to the winning artist. Viola! The winning artist then has 4-6 weeks to complete their project—and exhibits/performs their artwork at the following FEAST.

This FEAST should be totally amazing! NPR did a nice little story on the first one.. And my sweet, Brock Shorno/Routine Investigations is directing and performing in a very special musical springtime ritual. Should be totally trippy, I promise.

(make sure you come early, we’re expecting a full house—even better come by at 3pm and help set up! hearts and hands.)


3 Responses to “FEAST.”

  1. bree Says:

    Stomach growling….yum!


  2. Cold Splinters Says:

    i have to go to benihana on saturday night for an 11 year old’s birthday party. Bummer.

  3. kellyr Says:

    Yay Bree!
    Jeff, you will be missed!

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