Eva Zeisel.


2 Responses to “EVA.”

  1. bree Says:

    When I was in design school I did a presentation on Eva Zeisel for one of my first year classes! At that time she was also having an exhibition of her work at the Beaux Arts Museum in Montreal. She was there for the opening and spoke at a lecture! She was so tiny and 94 back then – 2004 maybe? Wow.

    Needless to say: Go Zeisel!! She also has this little documentary of her life called “Throwing Curves” maybe netflix or the NYPL would have it???

    Thanks for the post!


  2. kellyr Says:

    Oh Oh! I have to watch the doc. I’ll check around. My work has a great book she wrote ‘On Design’. I haven’t read the whole book but there is nice observation about how designers make shapes that mimic the forms of their own bodies. With an example of 3 photographs of Pratt students with their ceramics = totally embodying their designs or visa versa. I tried to find those pics on the net. It was a no go.

    Love to hear your presentation. Is this on YouTube??! xo

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